Check-In  2017

Check-in location and times are at the field of your first game 1 1/2 hours prior to your first game.

Check-In is  MANDATORY .

Game cards will begin printing  Wednesday evening, July 26th. If you have a change to your roster after Wednesday morning, please make them at the check-in. Changes made on your roster on line after Wednesday morning will not appear on your game cards. There will be no additions to the team roster after the team has checked in on Saturday.


The PSI and Xolos staff look forward to assisting and facilitating the process.

What to Bring:

Teams must be affiliated with the USYSA and players must have their current USYSA player passes or equivalent National Association and their 2017-2018 registration form. Please make sure you have signed up your team for the Xolos International Cup  with the 2017-2018 Birth Year age group. We will be accepting 2016-2017 player cards.

It is your responsibility to register your team in the proper age group (2017-2018 season)

To make your registration process move quickly, please be sure your teams player’s cards match their medical release form in name and birth date.

Unlimited Guest / loan players will be permitted. Teams U15 to U19 may register a maximum of twenty-two (22) players with a maximum of eighteen (18) eligible per game. Teams U11 to U14 may register up to eighteen(18) players. Teams U8-U10 may register up to eleven (14) players.

Loan players must be current USYSA / USSF or National equivalent players and can only play for one team in this tournament. In addition the team’s USYSA / USSF permission to travel must denote the proper team type. All loaned players must be listed on a Travel roster approved by your State Association. Teams that are borrowing players that are registered with a different State Association, will need to get travel papers from these player’s State Association. Players from Cal South borrowed by a team outside of Cal South does not require loan player form.

Proper player identification cards, medical release forms signed by the parent or guardian for each team member , and the appropriate authorized travel papers for teams affiliated with USYS state association other than Cal South with the National / State approved rosters attached are required.

US Club Soccer teams do not need to provide travel papers. All US Club Soccer teams need to present are player cards and Medical release forms.Teams from Region IV do not need permission to travel paper work. Region IV has established the following policy concerning permission to travel when attending USYS sanctioned tournaments in Region IV. The purpose of this policy is to make it as simple as possible for the US Youth Soccer Region IV teams to travel to tournaments within Region IV.

For International teams, you must provide permission to travel from your country’s soccer governing body. Passport or other travel documentation provided by your country may also be checked.

All teams must be affiliated with FIFA and /or USSF and players and coaches must have laminated cards.

Laminated player and coach/manager registration cards only authorized by State/ Provincial or National Association will be required as proof of age.

Please make sure you have 2017-2018 players/coach/manager cards laminated. Also be prepared to check your final Team Roster on your game cards with staff assistant at check-in night.

For teams traveling from outside of San Diego County and staying in a hotel, please view our Approved Hotel list thru San Diego Concierge.  Please contact Kimberly Hubbard via or she can be reached at 800-979-9091 ex 3

We look forward to seeing you in sunny San Diego.

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