Contact Information


Director of PSI Tournaments: Raffi Ruotolo
General Information: Lorien Hayes
Website manager
Application process &etc:
Debbie Flint
Weather Website  San Diego by the Hour
Mail: US Mail, FedEx, UPS, etc. Premier Soccer International
17197 Patina St.
San Diego, CA 92127
Telephone/Fax: Office: 858-521-9340
Hotel Reservations: San Diego Concierge
Kimberly Hubbard
1-800-979-9091 ex 3
Referee Assigner:  Jesus Acevedo
Check-In Night: Lorien Hayes
 Problems with Gotsoccer site or account: Please contact Gotsoccer directly via their website

During the weekend of the tournament, please contact us via email.
There will be no one in the Office. You can also check for information at the field marshal tent.



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